[Wikimedia-l] WMF trustee activity levels

ENWP Pine deyntestiss at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 28 21:43:32 UTC 2012


I'm addressing this question to you because you seem to be the most active trustee in the areas where I checked for trustee activity, and also because you were one of the authors of the “Building a lasting movement” workshop submission to Wikimania 2012. I would also be interested in hearing comments from other trustees.

This information is from April 2012 to present, showing the number of posts and edits by each trustee.

Trustee              Meta username    Wikimedia-l    Meta       Combined
Kat Walsh            Mindspillage       8              13          21
Jan-Bart de Vreede   Jan-Bart          16              47          63
Stu West             Stu                0               4           4
Bishakha Datta       Bishdatta         30              34          64
Jimmy Wales          Jimbo Wales        0               3           3
Ting Chen            Wing               0               2           2
Samuel Klein         Sj               107             751         858
Matt Halprin         Mhalprin           0               5           5
Alice Weigand        Lyzzy             12             241         253
Patricio Lorente     Patricio.lorente   7              26          33

I would appreciate hearing your comments about these statistics and about trustee activity levels in general. Do each of the trustees demonstrate a strong personal interest in the health and direction of the Foundation and the volunteer community? Do each of the trustees participate actively at Board meetings? Do each of the trustees proactively and regularly communicate with Foundation staff, volunteer contributors, and/or organizations which have significant interactions with the Foundation or the content projects? 

Personally, I feel that a vibrant, engaged, and proactive board is important for the health of any public nonprofit organization, and for “building a lasting movement” for the near future and for future generations. I think of Wikipedia as a digital “wonder of the world” and a remarkable work of civilization. I hope that the trustees take a strong personal interest in the health and future of Wikipedia, its sister projects, and the foundation and people that sustain and build them.

Thank you,


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