[Wikimedia-l] If I could talk to the wiki folks...

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 16:35:13 UTC 2012

Very nice! I'll expect a performance in Hong Kong!

On a serious note, have you seen Geoff's comments on naming of affiliate
On Dec 28, 2012 4:18 PM, "Ziko van Dijk" <vandijk at wmnederland.nl> wrote:

> Hello,
> A week ago, as I found out now, a new association has been found in
> New York: "Wiki Med Foundation, Inc." (!). We have the Wikimedia
> Foundation, Inc., we have some other Wikimedias, we have MediaWiki...
> how is the ordinary man on the street supposed to have the slightest
> chance to understand the Wikimedia movement? He even confuses
> "Wikimedia" with "Wikileaks"...
> I know that that is not the case, but sometimes it even seems that
> Wikimedians do want to make the movement a terminogical labyrinth. The
> WMF came with a simple scheme for national chapters, with the formula
> "Wikimedia X" (with X being the name of the country). I wish something
> similar for thematic organizations and Wikimedia user groups, and not
> the advice to even avoid the term "Wikimedia". Confusing terms are a
> serious barrier for participation, on Wikipedia and in the larger
> movement.
> Kind regards,
> Ziko
>     If I could talk to the wiki folks, just imagine it
>     Chatting with a chick on IRC
>     Imagine talking on a talk page, buzzing from a banner
>     What a neat achievement that would be.
>     If I could talk to the wiki folks, learn their languages
>     Maybe take a data dump degree.
>     I'd study mastodon and diesel, camel case and weasel,
>     Interwiki, vandal and IP.
>     I would converse in C++ and Python,
>     And I would curse in fluent wikify.
>     If people asked me, can you speak sock puppetry,
>     I'd say, 'Of coursery, but why?'
>     If I conferred with our fuzzy friends, man to editor,
>     Think of the amazing repartee
>     If I could talk to the wiki folks, fork to the wiki folks,
>     Diff and rev and link with the wiki folks,
>     And they could diff and rev and link with me.
>     If I could speak CC-BY-SA
>     The advantages any sandbox noob could plainly see!
>     Discussing worldwide GLAM and drama
>     With oh so witty llama
>     That’s a big step forward you’ll agree!
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