[Wikimedia-l] deliberately lowered fundraising growth rate (was: Fundraising updates?)

James Salsman jsalsman at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 20:25:59 UTC 2012


> presuming to represent others - is not very helpful at all.

You can plainly see I am not the only one in this thread with these
concerns. By virtue of my being an outsider, I certainly can represent
those with whom I am in correspondence without fear of reprisal, and I
refuse to be bullied.

> our contingency allocation (6 months of reserve) has not changed this year.

How is that possible? Per
the year to date revenue was $150,000 over plan, the year to date
expenses were $1,590,000 under their planned values, but the cash
reserves were still less than six months of expenses.

>> after the July 2012-3 Annual Plan goal was set at $46.1 million, which
>> itself was substantially reduced after the Chief Revenue Office reported
> What gave you that idea?  It is wrong.

On the contrary, it is stated clearly at

> I would be interested to see and participate in specific discussions about
> future budgets there, on Meta - including the comparative advantages of
> accounts-based budgets or line items.
> This is my last response in this thread, however.

I will continue to raise these issues in specific questions about
budget line items, staffing levels for successful Foundation programs
causing substantial community problems, the salary ratio between
executive and junior staff, contingency reserve/endowment as well as
ub specific questions to Board candidates concerning the statements of
staff contrary to their own prior statements and the Foundation's
statistical data until these issues are resolved.

James Salsman

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