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In order to get rid of the -ND clause, it may help to gather examples
of derivative works. I just noticed that we do not keep track of these
and thus started
http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Derivative_versions .


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> Hi all,
> I am very proud to announce that Wikimedia Israel just won one of its main
> struggles. The Israeli government has announced[1] that all imaged in which
> the state is the copyrights holder and that were uploaded to the
> government's websites can be freely used with the following restrictions:
> 1. The image will be attributed to the state of Israel (or the relevant
> office)
> 2. The user cannot change the license (Share-alike)
> 3. No derivative work.
> 4. Each office will create a policy about commercial use (i.e., commercial
> use is allowed, unless otherwise specified).
> Wikimedia Israel has pushed for this change since 2010, when MK Meir
> Sheetrit proposed an amendment for the Israeli copyright act. The chapter
> pushed for the acceptance of this amendment by the Knesset (the Israeli
> parliament). During this time, we were able to make a complete shift in the
> paradigms employed by the government and government officials. From being
> strong opposers to the bill, they become adopters of the changes, thus
> making the bill itself, redundant.
> Now, a new struggle begins - Wikimedia Israel will work to remove the ND
> clause from the decision, and will make sure that all government offices
> publish their policy as required. Nonetheless, this is still a huge
> achievement, the government has accepted the importance of free culture in
> modern world.
> On a personal note, as the leader of this project, I wish to send my many
> thanks to all of those who made this miracle happen. A special thanks is
> due to the great people of the Israeli Internet society, the (just as
> great) people of Creative commons Israel, Adv. Jonathan Klinger, Mathias
> Schindler, the awsome volunteers of Wikimedia Israel and the editors of
> Hebrew Wikipedia. If there's anyone I forgot by name - my apologies, I'm
> still terribly excited of these news.
> If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or send me a private
> email,
> Tomer Ashur
> Chairman
> Wikimedia Israel
> [1] http://www.pmo.gov.il/Secretary/GovDecisions/2012/Pages/des5268.aspx
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