[Wikimedia-l] Alpha version of the VisualEditor now available on the English Wikipedia

Harry Burt jarry1250 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 21:17:19 UTC 2012

Tom Morris wrote:

> Perhaps the engineering team are a bit too busy trying to fix complicated
> parser bugs to meet ... your ludicrously high expectations

I can't see that there's any need to be sarky. Sure, Gerard didn't frame
his point in the way I would have done, but it doesn't mean he's voicing an
opinion that deserves to be sneered at. Sorting out architectural
issuesearly is an important part of project management
. IIRC the VisualEditor has already been delayed by ~6 months because of an
architectural choice that was later regretted. Perhaps they have been
sorted, perhaps they haven't; either way's there's no reason to jump on the

FWIW, I am very impressed with the VE myself and I look forward to seeing
it grow and develop from here on in. Ten years too late, mind...!


Harry Burt (User:Jarry1250)

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