[Wikimedia-l] Banners are too bright, too long

Nathan nawrich at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 23:30:48 UTC 2012

On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 6:04 PM, MZMcBride <z at mzmcbride.com> wrote:

> Wikimedia projects are composed of both readers and volunteer editors. It's
> bad enough to read Zack talk about "playing around" with site visitors as
> though they're simply playthings to be manipulated for money (customers,
> not
> colleagues), but when long-time contributors such as yourself blithely
> dismiss legitimate criticism (with a bullshit analogy, no less), I
> personally think it's shameful. I think you're better than that.
It's been clear to me, and seemingly other people, that Zack and the
fundraising team take their task very seriously, and are extraordinarily
thoughtful in all of their plans and interactions - with folks on the
mailing list, with editors and other stakeholders, and with readers. The
fundraising drive this year is head and shoulders above any prior effort by
virtually any possible measure.

To take a two word phrase in a short e-mail out of that greater context,
and use it to imply that Zack is treating site visitors "as though they're
simply playthings" does Zack a great disservice, and does you no
credit. Try to keep in mind that Wikimedia employees are people with
feelings and pride in their work, and in the future take more care with
comments that impugn their work, professionalism and character.


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