[Wikimedia-l] Open Knowledge Festival - September 17th – 22nd 2012, Helsinki

Mayo Fuster Morell lalilaroja at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 18:44:54 UTC 2012

Hello! Here the last update of the Open Knowledge Festival (Sept. 17th –
22nd 2012, Helsinki) in case it did not arrive to some people in this list
and/or to ask please  to help to spread it. Cheers! Mayo

OPEN KNOWLEDGE FESTIVAL (September 17th – 22nd, Helsinki) The event of the
year to build a free and open movement/society http://okfn.org/

New to OKFestival? We are delighted to invite you to this year’s event in
Helsinki, Finland – a series of hands-on workshops, talks, hackathons,
meetings and sprints organised by a wide range of open knowledge
communities around the globe. OKFestival 2012 combines the themes of our
annual Open Government Data Camp (OGDCamp) (
http://okfestival.org/open-government-data-camp/) and Open Knowledge
Conference (OKCon) (http://okfestival.org/open-knowledge-conference/) into
a week of action and inspiration organised by the Open Knowledge
Foundation, the Finnish Institute in London, Aalto Media Factory along with
hundreds of Guest Programme Planners. With over 400 tickets already
reserved by participants from more than 40 nations, OKFestival is the one
of the world’s largest open knowledge events to date – and we want you to
join us.


The 2012 theme of OKFestival is Open Knowledge in Action, looking at the
value that can be generated by opening up knowledge, the ecosystems of
organisations that can benefit from this, and the impacts that transparency
can have in our societies.
This year’s schedule (http://okfestival.org/schedule/) is diverse, with
over 13 guest-planned Topic Streams:

* Open Democracy and Citizen Movements
* Transparency and Accountability
* Open Cities http://okfestival.org/opencities/
* Open Design, Hardware, Manufacturing and Making
* Open Cultural Heritage http://okfestival.org/open-cultural-heritage/
* Open Development  http://okfestival.org/open-development/
* Open Research and Education
* Open Geodata http://okfestival.org/open-geodata/
* Open Source Software  http://okfestival.org/open-source-software/
* Data Journalism and Data Visualization
* Gender and Diversity in Openness
* Business and Open Data http://okfestival.org/business-and-data/
* Open Knowledge and Sustainability

Program includes:
* A series of hackathons and coding jams including a Green Hackathon with
CESC, a hackathon wherethe cultural heritage stream teams up with open
science, and an introductory coding jam with RailsGirls Finland.
* A variety of participatory sessions from hands-on open hardware workshops
in Finland’s first FABlab to the world’s first Art of Open Data Cooking
workshop to sessions on the School of Data.
* A set of in-depth meetings on different topics related to openness, from
developer meetups about Open Source software with Finland’s OpenMind
conference, to sessions on the Open Government Partnershipand a new EU
Citizens’ Initiative, to a live broadcast between innovation hubs in
Finland and Africa.
* An increasingly-imminent list of Featured Speakers from the Gapminder
Foundation‘s Hans Rosling to Member of European Parliament Anneli
Jäätteenmäki to the World Bank‘s Carlos Rossel to the Free Software
Foundation‘s Karsten Gerloff to Climate Change Capital‘s James Cameron.


OKFestival 2012 runs from Monday 17th to Saturday 22nd of September. We
offer both day and week tickets, with week tickets covering all three of
OKFestival’s action-packed Core Conference Days (
http://okfestival.org/schedule/) from Tuesday 18th September to Thursday
20th September.  A variety of Satellite Events (
http://okfestival.org/schedule/) are also running before and after the
event, with a summary and debrief day on Friday 21st September. From
Couchsurfing with Finnish locals (
http://www.couchsurfing.org/activity/view/5IO0U5) to hotels in downtown
Helsinki, there are many affordable travel and accommodation options (
http://okfestival.org/accommodation/) available to make your stay in
Finland a great one.


Tickets are available online (
http://okfestival.org/early-bird-okfest-tickets/) - reserve yours now to
join the largest open knowledge crowd of the year in Finland. Tickets are
selling fast and our list of confirmed festival attendees (
http://okfestival.org/festival-attendees/) continues to grow, with
participants from Jyväskylä to Guyana.


Have questions for our Topic Stream planners or the Core Organising Team?
Want to get involved by proposing a satellite or evening event? Feel free
to contact our Guest Programme Planners via email (
http://okfestival.org/contact/) and get involvedon Twitter (
http://twitter.com/okfestival), on our Facebook group (
https://www.facebook.com/OpenKnowledgeFestival)  and on the public Flickr
Pool (http://www.flickr.com/groups/okfest/pool/). We look forward to
meeting you in Helsinki this autumn!

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