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Osmar Valdebenito osmar at wikimediachile.cl
Wed Aug 29 22:30:20 UTC 2012

Great idea!
In Iberocoop we have discussed a lot about the topic so it will be really
helpful a project like this.

I'll forward this to Iberocoop-l

2012/8/29 JP Béland <lebo.beland at gmail.com>

> Good day,
> I'm pleased to announce you the creation of Wikimedia Indigenous Languages
> (WIL). WIL is the coordinating body for the promotion and development of
> indigenous on Wikimedia projects.
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Indigenous_Languages (or just
> search WIL on Meta)
> Wikimedia Indigenous Languages' vision is to see the sum of the knowledge
> available to everybody in their own languages and to share the knowledge of
> those languages themselves. It will achieve that by:
> - Reaching indigenous languages speakers for the development of Wikimedia
> projects in their language
> - Establishing working cooperation with outside organizations involved in
> the promotion of indigenous languages
> - Creating and expanding Wikimedia projects in all indigenous languages
> Wikimedia Indigenous Languages' role is to support and encourage the
> efforts of specific projects to develop Wikimedia projects in small and
> endangered languages. It will serve as an international body to collect and
> share best practices, lessons learned and methodology to develop small
> languages Wikimedia projects and preserve endangered languages. It will
> also offer support to people interested in developing initiatives and new
> projects. It will also become the point of contact to set up cooperation
> with other organizations working towards the same goals and will also
> actively seek such cooperation opportunities.
> Anybody or any group who is interested in this project or any projects with
> indigenous languages are welcome to join Wikimedia Indigenous Languages.
> For questions or further discussion, come on the talk page, and a dedicated
> mailing list to discuss languages-related issue and initiatives will soon
> be crated.
> Thanks,
> JP Béland
> (alias Amqui)
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