[Wikimedia-l] Introducing a website that creates timelines out of Wikipedia articles

Jeff Roehl jroehl2 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 24 20:59:35 UTC 2012

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First let me say, I consider Wikipedia to be a world treasure. And I consider you, Wikipedians, to be the smartest people in the world.

Having said that, our goal is to take historically based information and make it presentable contemporaneously.

Wikitimelines is our attempt to take a Wikipedia article (or any text) and create a visually compelling timeline out of its content.

This is initially done without human intervention, which takes +- 60 seconds depending on the size of the article. After the article is initially processed it can be retrieved in a few seconds.

After this, users are permitted and encouraged to manipulate and configure the timeline in numerous ways, to make it more informative and instructive.

The timeline may be included in any Wikipedia article by including the following sample code widget:

<script src="http://wikitimelines.net/H/P/HP40C1A2X.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
><div id="HP40C1A2X"></div>Our website is a beta (testing) website for now, so not everything is working. Be patient with us, as we work through the beta process.

We just want to give, everybody who is interested, a look at what we have been working on over the last several months.
Jeff Roehl
jroehl2 at yahoo.com
(818) 912-7530

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