[Wikimedia-l] Travel Guide RFC closing in 3,2,...

Thomas Morton morton.thomas at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 23 14:01:10 UTC 2012

On 23 August 2012 14:56, James Heilman <jmh649 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Most of the issues where addressed. And they only way to determine if many
> of the concerns hold water is to simply try it. A travel guide will likely
> be heavily read and edited.
> As a comparison their are an approximately an equal number of medical
> articles on Wikipedia to travel articles. Yet the travel articles had a
> much higher number of dedicated editors. I hope that you Thomas do not see
> this as justification to delete the medical project? Also if you look at
> readership on Wikipedia. We have many thousands of article that receive
> little to no viewership I do not consider this viewership justification for
> deleting them.
You're building straw men there.

I am just griping; we'll see if I end up being right or not I suppose.


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