[Wikimedia-l] Should we lock StrategyWiki?

Michael Snow wikipedia at frontier.com
Sun Aug 12 03:37:41 UTC 2012

On 8/11/2012 8:05 PM, Mono wrote:
> Should we lock StrategyWiki as historical?
> Some options:
> A) Prevent all editing and keep content at current address.
> B) Restrict editing to admins and keep content at current address.
> C) Move content to Meta and mark as historical, lock editing.
> D) Move content to Meta and leave it open.
> E) Do nothing.
I don't favor locking it. We will need to update the strategic plan in a 
couple years. The original plan was intended to last through 2015, and I 
think the next planning process will need to start no later than 2014 
(to say nothing of interim updates to the current plan).

I wouldn't mind having the content migrate to Meta. I know there were 
well-considered reasons why the strategy wiki and various others were 
created as separate sites, but I'd like to see us do that more as 
dedicated spaces within a common site.

As to marking content as historical, I'm not sure that's really the best 
use of the material. Many strategic questions do not really go away, and 
they can and should be revisited as part of the next planning process. I 
would favor refactoring and merging, it should become a living space 
again, not an archive.

--Michael Snow

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