[Wikimedia-l] Is there an agreement between GoldenMap and the Wikipedia for the use of Wikipedia content?

Johan Jönsson brevlistor at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 20:01:27 UTC 2012

2012/8/3 Rui Correia <correia.rui at gmail.com>:
> Dear All
> I came across a site called Golden Map, which has an encyclopaedic
> collection of articles that are the same as in the Wikipedia, but I don't
> see anywhere any information expalining what the association/ permission
> is. Is there an agreement in place for this?

It could also be pointed out that neither WMF nor consensus on any
particular Wikipedia version can grant anyone permission to use
content from Wikipedia without proper attribution. We who write agree
to make our texts available under certain terms, but we still retain
copyright. And some text, if it has been made available under CC-BY-SA
somewhere else and later incorporated into Wikipedia, might not even
be written by Wikipedians.

If it's not properly licensed and attributed, you'd have had to ask
every single (major) contributor to agree privately.

//Johan Jönsson

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