[Wikimedia-l] ombudsmen commission

Casey Brown lists at caseybrown.org
Wed Apr 25 22:50:45 UTC 2012

On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 5:44 PM, Katie Chan <ktc at ktchan.info> wrote:
> Of course it's all very well believing in the good work and ethics of those
> currently with those type of rights. However it's a different issue entirely
> to assume there will never be a bad apple. If that's your attitude, then it
> have to follow that you believe the ombudsman commission is superfluous.

I'm not advocating for anything in particular -- I could care less if
the ombudsman commission made an OTRS queue. It's entirely up to them.

I'm just bringing up the issues with both sides, and making it clear
that *someone* will almost always have access to something, no matter
what. It's important that all sides of the issue are brought up before
choosing the best solution. :-)

Also, Philippe pointed out that there might be logs of who accesses
lists with the master password. So, while they can still access the
lists with the password, it might not be anonymous.

Casey Brown

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