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Can you explain why you request another year from them  instead of running
a new process, Philippe?
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On 21 April 2012 22:06, Philippe Beaudette <philippe em wikimedia.org> wrote:

> A sign of a healthy committee is that it does its work promptly and
> undramatically.  The ombudsman commission is such a committee.  Charged
> with investigating alleged privacy violations around the checkuser tool,
> the commission has functioned with a high degree of professionalism and
> efficiency.  The commission is appointed under the auspices of the Board,
> who have delegated this role to the staff - first to Cary, and then I took
> it on.
> Accordingly, after a great bit of deliberation, I offered the ombudsmen the
> ability to extend their current term for one additional year. All, with the
> exception of one, have chosen to do so.  The one who has not is Pundit, who
> has accepted a position as a steward.  Dweller, who was an advisory member
> of the commission, takes Pundit's seat.
> It should be noted that this was done some time ago - I have been extremely
> remiss in sending out the notification.  There was no lapse of commission,
> and the commission functioned fully during the gap period.
> Best wishes,
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