[Wikimedia-l] Translations of WMF documents [was: Re: Wikimedia Foundation Report, March 2012 [was: Re: Wikimedia-l Digest, Vol 97, Issue 43]]

Juergen Fenn schneeschmelze at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 16 12:35:40 UTC 2012

Am 14. April 2012 14:03 schrieb Martijn Hoekstra <martijnhoekstra at gmail.com>:
> As a matter of principle, I wholeheartedly agree. But principles only
> take you so far, and cost a great deal. I don't see much wrong with
> the communities translating reports, rather than have the WMF spend my
> donated money on translators.

May I remind you that in German Wikipedia so many contributors are
concerned by exclusion from discussions and annoucements in English
that the German chapter had to start a newsletter last autumn that is
compiled weekly as a joint effort by chapter staff and volunteers in
order to inform about recent events. However, this does not replace
translations. In publishing its announcements in English only, the
Wikimedia Foundation does exclude the majority of Wikipedians from
direct participation which is an unfair and undemocratic way. Any
money spent on improving participation is well spent, if it costs
anything more at all.


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