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Ziko van Dijk vandijk at wmnederland.nl
Thu Apr 12 20:45:05 UTC 2012


Myself, I have a presentation which shows a basic wiki principle; I
noticed that showing the same thing onwiki would make me jumping too
much from page to page.
Showing Wikipedia functionalities then onwiki I call "Wikipedia
surfing" (version history, talk pages etc.).
If it is a workshop with the intention to make people edit then I
create a "pseudo encyclopedia" on user subpages. That's a number of
simplified Wikipedia articles with hardly any markup. From article to
article, the complexity and amount of wikisyntax grows. The newbies in
groups of 2 correct the language and content (I put in some errors for
I prefer that because editing real WP makes people anxious, and I want
to be undisturbed with the newbies.
Kind regards

2012/4/11 Heather Ford <hford at ushahidi.com>:
> Have a quick question for some work I'm doing on Wikipedia literacy:
> What resources are folks using to teach others how to edit Wikipedia? At Wikipedia Academies etc?
> Thanks in anticipation :)
> Best,
> Heather.
> Heather Ford
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