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Ryan Holliday ryan.holliday at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 18:12:21 UTC 2012

>> - What sort of size is the WT community at the moment?
> I'll leave it to one of the others to answer that? Ryan?

The English language WT version is the largest and gets around 500-1000 
edits each day.  There are 69,046 registered users and 48 admins, but on 
any given day it's probably fair to say that 10-15 admins will be active 
and contributions will come from perhaps 100-200 unique users and IPs. 
It is generally believed that this number would grow as part of a WMF 
project due to reasons including lack of perceived commercial ownership, 
improved site performance, and an ability to automate many tedious tasks 
that are currently manual such as using bots to revert simple vandalism.

Across all language versions there are approximately 259,371 unique 
pages (including redirects, image pages, etc), with 89,516 of those in 
the "main" namespace.  There are 52,548 image/file items.  There are 
approximately 3.1 million topic versions.

As noted previously in this thread, a database dump is not made 
available by the current site owners, but full history XML exports have 
been created by the WT user community that are updated weekly, and all 
image assets (including versions) are also spidered weekly (see 
http://jamguides.com/ for the data mirror).  These XML dumps are not 
made publicly available as they are huge (many GB) but would be 
available when setting up a new server.

There are some users from Wikivoyage (German and Italian language 
versions) on this mailing list who can hopefully provide stats about 
their user base and topics.


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