[Wikimedia-l] [Foundation-l] Volunteers Wanted: Funds Dissemination Process Advisory Group

Chris Keating chriskeatingwiki at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 12:29:49 UTC 2012

> I understand it represents some money to fly ~10 people to SF (though I
> guess in the end those meetings would match other global meetings such as
> Wikimedia Conference or Wikimania) every six month, but on the other hand
> the FDC is gonna be in charge of disseminating ~30million USD, some
> overseeing/steering group is clearly a need.
I agree with Christophe...

I've consistently been asking the Foundation to make sure the FDC is set up
in a transparent way, with involvement from Chapters and other
stakeholders. So it makes perfect sense to me to set up an advisory
committee to help make sure it sets out down the right path over the next
18 months, even if that entails some financial cost and some use of
volunteer time. It's vital to get this right.

(Wikimedia UK board, speaking personally...)

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