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Deal all,

The March report of Wikimedia Hungary is available in English at
for your convenience, copied below).
Translations, questions, comments, +1's, likes, etc. are appreciated.

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Bence Damokos
Wikimedia Hungary

*Wikimedia Hungary Report*
*Vol 5 Issue 3*
*March 2012*
*Prepared by: Bence Damokos*
This is an update on Wikimedia Hungary's activities covering the March 2012

Our newest reports, originally written in English, are now translatable to
any language, and we would appreciate if you found them worthwhile for
translation. Earlier reports not originally published in English will not
be prioritised for translation as long as the Translate extension does not
support translation from source languages other than English (see bug
Cake to celebrate the best articles of 2011
Group picture at the 10 March meetup
The Globus Cannery, an example of a picture taken of a building whose
article was written as a result of the photowalk
The ograniser of the tour is taking a picture of the interior of a church.

   - Building on the success of our 2010 maintenance competition we
   organised a big spring clean up
   Hungarian Wikipedia aimed at reducing the backlog in maintenance
   categories. In three weeks over 1700 maintenance issues were solved: over
   500 articles were provided with sources, around 250 were given an infobox
   and at least 300 articles were expanded. The various tasks performed by the
   38 competitors were assigned 1-5 points, and the editors with the most
   points in the end could choose from a number of Wikipedia-themed items and
   shopping vouchers as their prize, while all editors who participated will
   receive some small gift.

   - On 10 March we held a community meetup in Budapest, with about 40
   Wikipedians, including three people invited from the Slovene Wikipedia
   community. At the meetup the writers of the best Wikipedia articles of
   acknowledged. The best articles, written or expanded in 2011, were
   nominated by the community and chosen by a vote. Wikimedia Hungary provided
   the diplomas and celebratory cake for the award ceremony.

   - Vince, a community member has volunteered to systematically photograph
   Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and to write some of the missing
   articles. To make the event more fun, he has started organising photowalks
   in Budapest,<http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikip%C3%A9dia:Wikital%C3%A1lkoz%C3%B3k/Fot%C3%B3t%C3%BAr%C3%A1k>
   participants photograph all the notable buildings and public features of a
   given part of the city. The first tour was held on 25 March with the
   participation of 5 people, who took about a hundred
   later about a dozen articles were written or improved about the buildings
   the photos show. The next tour is scheduled for 15 April and everyone is
   welcome. Wikimedia Hungary has supported the organiser in covering his
   transportation costs and we would be happy to fund other community-led
   as well.

   - On 9 March Bence Damokos visited Bratislava to meet the Wikipedians
   behind the future Wikimedia
Slovakia<http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Slovakia> chapter.
   Wikimedia Slovakia held its first General Assembly with the three original
   members who were later joined by a few local and Austrian Wikipedians. At
   the meeting they discussed projects like Wiki Loves Monuments, and an
   outreach effort they initiated towards local schools and libraries, as well
   as the technicalities of running an NGO. Bence advised them that Wikimedia
   natonal organisations (or chapters) are usually approved when they have a
   membership of at least 15-20 people, but nevertheless the group could ask
   to be recognised as a User
   and get general support from the Wikimedia Foundation.

   - Gergő Tisza and Bence Damokos have participated in the Berlin Wikimedia
   Conference <http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Conference_2012>.
   Our annual State of the Chapter presentation is available

   - We have signed an agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation that allows
   us to ask Hungarian visitors of the websites operated by the Foundation to
   allocate one percent of their income tax to Wikimedia Hungary.
   Subsequently, a landing page <http://wiki.media.hu/wiki/1%25> was set up
   to solicit these donations, and we plan to start a short banner campaign in

   - A number of merchandise items have finally been produced, including
   Commons-themed yo-yos, Wikipedia themed textile shopping bags and stickers
   and buttons. These will be used as give-aways at community events and
   prizes in our smaller competitions.

   - A laptop was purchased for our employee.

   - One new member has joined Wikimedia Hungary in March.


The following financial data is provided for informational purposes only.
The data presented is not audited and may change slightly as all invoices
come in. Amounts are in Hungarian Forints. For convenient calculation about
300 HUF = 1 EUR, and 220 HUF = 1 USD.
Expenses by month of Wikimedia Hungary in 2012
*Category**January* *February**March* *January–March**Plan 2012*postage fees 18
286 Ft2 315 Ft4 655 Ft25 256 Ft30 000 Ft server maintenance34 375 Ft34 375
Ft34 925 Ft103 675 Ft 420 000 Ftemployee17 705 Ft235 038 Ft251 459 Ft 504
202 Ft2 500 000 Ftoffice space13 875 Ft9 398 Ft 4 699 Ft27 972 Ft60 000 Ft
telephone11 553 Ft - Ft5 135 Ft16 688 Ft100 000 FtPrinter and printing costs 33
610 Ft- Ft6 223 Ft39 833 Ft70 000 Ft Debt to Wikimedia Austria61 100 Ft- Ft-
Ft61 100 Ft 50 000 FtBanking costs7 165 Ft3 850 Ft3 000 Ft 14 015 Ft50 000
Ftcommunity travel4 320 Ft21 504 Ft 26 799 Ft52 623 Ft1 725 000 Ftboard
travel- Ft 119 200 Ft46 926 Ft166 126 Ft650 000 Ftboard meeting - Ft46 818
Ft- Ft46 818 Ft100 000 FtSmall grants programme - Ft3 200 Ft- Ft3 200 Ft100
000 Ft Accountant13 208 Ft- Ft- Ft13 208 Ft300 000 Ft Community budget- Ft-
Ft30 550 Ft30 550 Ft 250 000 FtIT equipment- Ft- Ft127 890 Ft 127 890 Ft250
000 Ftsupport for the creation of chapters in neighbouring countries- Ft -
Ft7 074 Ft7 074 Ft250 000 Ft*Total:**215 197 Ft**475 698 Ft* *549 335 Ft**1
240 230 Ft*

The overspending in case of the debt repayment to Wikimedia Austria (to
cover the costs of the 2011 Fundraising Summit) is due to the change in
exchange rates and a rounding error in the original plan.

It is expected that our accounting fees will exceed the target by about 50%
as we transition to an accountant that better suits our needs and from a
yearly payment schedule to a monthly one, meaning that we will have to
cover this year the accounting costs of both 2011 and 2012. Due to
increased ticket prices and the number of international events, we project
that travel spending both for community members and the board will exceed
planned levels. Banking and printing costs are at expected levels, however,
we have under-budgeted for postage fees.

Due to the cancellation of the Belgrade Management Congress, the 300 000
HUF allocated to support it will not be spent; however we are still
committed to support the Central and Eastern European Wikimedia meetup to
be held in Belgrade.
Revenues by month of Wikimedia Hungary in 2012
*Income category**January* *February**March**January–March* *2012 Plan*
donations9 500 Ft113 000 Ft11 000 Ft133 500 Ft- Ft interest39 705 Ft36 406
Ft36 954 Ft113 065 Ft- Ftmembership fees19 000 Ft6 000 Ft6 000 Ft31 000 Ft100
000 Ft other- Ft23 985 Ft39 900 Ft63 885 Ft- Ft*Total**68 205 Ft**179 391 Ft
**93 854 Ft**341 450 Ft*

Other revenue includes the conversion of food vouchers and the
reimbursement of a plane ticket issued by the bankrupt Malév airline.
Planned income for 2012 includes categories of revenue (e.g. 1% income tax
allocation) that will only be realized later in the year and is therefore
not shown in the table. Our full budget plan is available

The completion of this report has taken approximately 2,5 hours of work.
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