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Erik Moeller erik at wikimedia.org
Sun Apr 8 05:48:24 UTC 2012

Looking a bit further into the best way to do this - since mailman
doesn't have any sensible export/import features that retain list
member settings, we'll probably need to make a full copy of the list
on the server, and then remove the members of the old one. I'll ask
Daniel to look into that next week and have held off for now.

As for archives, Daniel says it shouldn't be a problem to keep the old
archives under the old URL, but to also to copy them (with new URLs)
into the new list. The only disadvantage I see that in the event we
need to do any removals of old posts, we'll need to remember to do it
in both places.

All best,

Erik Möller
VP of Engineering and Product Development, Wikimedia Foundation

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