[Foundation-l] 2010-11 Annual Plan Now Posted to Foundation Website

Mike Godwin mnemonic at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 14:13:28 UTC 2010

Sam Klein writes:

I do think there are more risks inherent in this sort of growth than
> are listed in the 'potential risks' section -- for instance,
> "inability to acculturate new staff due to aggressive growth" -- and
> we should be alert to these risks to avoid them.

Just to be clear about this, I read Sam here as saying something like "there
is a potential risk that we will be unable to acculturate new staff as we
grow."  This of course is true -- and it's even true when growth is slow!
But in practice the Foundation takes this risk very seriously, and takes
pains to promote the acculturation of new staff, not just to Foundation
culture but to the larger community. One way we do this is by sending new
staff to Wikimania, if it makes sense to do so,  and/or promoting new
staff's interaction with the community in other ways. Attendees at Wikimania
this year will see a number of staff who haven't been there before --
everyone is urged to engage staff members in conversations about our work
together, or other topics of common interest.  (I'll be there too -- first
Wikimania since Taiwan!)


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