[Foundation-l] ASCAP comes out against "copyleft"

WJhonson at aol.com WJhonson at aol.com
Tue Jun 29 19:07:59 UTC 2010

In a message dated 6/29/2010 11:21:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
wiki-list at phizz.demon.co.uk writes:

> There needs to be a deterrent to infringement. If all that happens if 
> you get caught riding the bus without paying fare, is that you have to 
> pay the fare, who would pay the fare upfront? >>

Why not apply the same logic to all infractions.

If you run a red light three times in your life, then you may not ever 
drive again.
If you leave your underwear on the floor three times, then you cannot wear 

How exactly would you impose a "you cannot use the internet" restriction 
I don't see it as a very likely outcome.


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