[Foundation-l] Self-determination of language versions in questions of skin?

Tim Starling tstarling at wikimedia.org
Tue Jun 29 02:36:02 UTC 2010

On 29/06/10 09:11, Martin Maurer wrote:
> The question is, what level of self-determination do the 260 language
> versions of Wikipedia have as to the design of their user interfaces
> (skins)? Can individual wikis choose independently modifications of
> their skins, and which of the available skins to use as the default
> for unregistered users, or is this controlled centrally by the
> Foundation?


> The question seems to be a very fundamental one and I would also
> appreciate insights into the big picture. How independent are the
> language versions? To what degree can they govern themselves and to
> what degree are they bound by decisions made centrally by the
> Foundation?

Editor communities do not have any fundamental rights to choose how
MediaWiki is configured. However, the Foundation's goals are closely
aligned with those of the communities, and the Foundation respects the
central role communities play in the success of the projects, and so
the Foundation has usually honoured such configuration requests.

In this case, I would recommend a process of negotiation. Detail your
concerns in Bugzilla, and give the developers time to respond to them.
A premature vote on the issue would make compromise difficult. The
Foundation has spent a lot of time and money on the Vector skin, and
it would be a pity to see it thrown away.

-- Tim Starling

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