[Foundation-l] Reconsidering the policy "one language - one Wikipedia"

Samuel J Klein sj at wikimedia.org
Mon Jun 28 16:22:27 UTC 2010

Hi Ziko,

On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 2:16 PM, Ziko van Dijk <zvandijk at googlemail.com> wrote:

> It seems to me doubtless that there is a substantial number of active
> Wikimedians who see the need in a simple or children-encyclopedia and
> would like to invest some of their own sweat, blood and tears.

Yes.  This is happening already, on simple and external sites like Vikidia.

> The main question remains: Would WMF accept such a project,


> or would it reject it for being just another Wikipedia in already
> existing languages.

I know of no such Foundation-wide policy.  Please help contribute to
guidelines you would like to see for when a new project can be created
in an existing language.

> The original fear is that a linguistic group is split

I should think that in this case the idea would be to attract new
editors.  We have a general problem of 'old' projects not being so
friendly to newbies, so trying to centralize all effort in old
projects may not be the best way to grow, in any case.


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