[Foundation-l] Your abuse of moderator status

William Pietri william at scissor.com
Sun Jun 27 19:42:29 UTC 2010

On 06/27/2010 12:10 PM, quiddity wrote:
>> According to Ottava, he is in charge of Wikiversity - sort of its
>> equivalent of Jimmy. He says the position was created through all of
>> his hard work and dedication.
> Huh? How so?
> http://toolserver.org/~soxred93/pcount/index.php?name=Ottava+Rima&lang=en&wiki=wikiversity
> http://en.wikiversity.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Contributions&limit=250&target=Ottava+Rima
> Citation required (for everything mentioned above).

Interesting. That led me to rummage a little, and apparently this is not 
the first time Ottava Rima has had trouble meeting project behavioral 
norms. He's currently under a 1-year ban on the English Wikipedia:


As part of that, Jayron32 describes what he sees as "Ottava Rima's 
standard MO": "He starts an entirely inappropriate discussion, and as 
soon as other editors call him on it, he starts to give 'official 
warnings' and all sorts of other inappropriate responses."

Given that this is recurring drama-creating behavior, perhaps we can 
move on to the "ignore" stage of WP:RBI.


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