[Foundation-l] ASCAP comes out against "copyleft"

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Sat Jun 26 16:57:10 UTC 2010

David Gerard wrote:
> On 26 June 2010 17:33,  <wiki-list at phizz.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>> I don't suspect that is correct for one moment, and there is nothing to
>> suggest such FUD in their letter. They are talking about THEIR copyright
>> and that "these groups simply do not want to pay for the use of *our*
>> music".
> No, what ASCAP means by that is that they want to get a fee when
> people distribute CC-licensed music too.

Do ASAC also expect to get a fee when music by people represented by BMI 
or SESAC gets distributed? I think not. So why would you assume that 
they expect a fee when any music is distributed by an artist that isn't 
signed up to them?

> You're bending over backwards to miss the point here.

I think you are letting your prejudices show.

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