[Foundation-l] Donation of Encyclopedic Entries on Famous Poems

Jeffrey Peters 17peters at cardinalmail.cua.edu
Tue Jun 22 00:05:44 UTC 2010

Dear List,

My name is Jeffrey Peters, a professional researcher who is currently
working on my dissertation (dealing with Romantic poetry) and in addition
Masters in Classical Lit. I am writing to you today to announce the donation
of two fully written pages on two important poems of the English language:
Wordsworth's *Ode: Intimations of Immortality* and Coleridge's *Kubla Khan*.
Their current pages are almost stub level and contain many errors and
problems. Both rewrites/expansions can be found on Simple Wikipedia, a
project that is noble and deserves more involvement by the community as a



The above are works of love, and I dedicated dozens of hours at multiple DC
university libraries compiling research that, as far as I can tell, cannot
be found elsewhere in such a complete and concise form in print or on the
internet. I have provided my time and abilities to produce the page for the
betterment of the WMF and Wikipedia as a whole. I do so because of four
individuals who have inspired me over the last year: Jimbo Wales (for his
dedication to the idea of a free and complete encyclopedia), Samuel Klein
(for his dedication to the projects and valiant effort to ensure high
quality), Cary Bass (for the massive amount of time he puts in ensuring that
volunteers are able to succeed), and Philippe Beaudette (for striving to
make the WMF more academic friendly).

Previously, I donated the material for Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
but I did not compile one whole page with every aspect but included material
in a piecemeal fashion. This did not work as well as I hoped, so I put in
the additional effort to ensure that the pages can be considered "complete",
though they may need additional minor copyedits to remove any final errors.

I hope that my donation today will aid Wikipedia's continuing quest to
provide a free and educational encyclopedia, and I hope that the level of
effort and critical eye, to an extent that appears unrivaled in any current
poetry page (even in my previous works), will attract more people to
Wikipedia who shall do the same.

Jeffrey Peters
aka Ottava Rima

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