[Foundation-l] Wikimedia Serbia billboard campaign

Milos Rancic millosh at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 21:09:12 UTC 2010

A couple of months ago, we was approached by an artist group which
idea is to raise cultural awareness by putting at billboards stylized
photos of (not so) famous [1] cultural and scientific persons from the
history of Serbia. They wanted to incorporate their art project into
Wikimedia Serbia projects and we've found that it is a great idea. The
project's site is likilink.org [2][3][4].

The project has been done without money. The main company which deals
with billboards in Serbia, Alma Quatro [5] is giving to us not used
billboards for free. "Not used" means, for example, if some billboard
campaign is lasting up to 15th of some month -- as they are renting
space on monthly basis -- the rest of the month is our. So, it is not
about bad locations; contrary, locations are top.

But, it was their initial idea, they will work on that, but, it is up
to Wikimedians to choose who will be the next persons on billboards
all over Serbia.

So, after the first couple of writers, the rest is up to them.

The first person on billboards is Radoje Domanovic [5], Serbian
satirist with Orwellian motives. Those billboards are presently at ~20
places in Belgrade, including large billboards at the highway entrance
to Belgrade.

The second group will be 5 persons with 30 billboards each:
* Two will be Serbian writers.
* One will be a female inventor from our previous, but not yet
finished project ("Female inventors") in cooperation with another
* One will be Richard Stallman.
* One will be Jimmy Wales.

Yes, Jimmy will get 30 billboards in Belgrade for one month :)

[1] - Famous, but not so as Nikola Tesla or Vuk Karadzic are.
[2] - "Lik i link" means "face/figure and link".
[3] - The billboards are designed as the image from the site, but with
link to the project's site and
[4] - Please, don't ask my why I've put just a JPEG with <map> >:| It
will be fixed today or tomorrow.
[5] - http://www.aqyu.com/
[6] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radoje_Domanovic

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