[Foundation-l] Did you say "usability" ?

Domas Mituzas midom.lists at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 09:08:21 UTC 2010


> Yes. So the topic for a talk on the foundation list would be : should
> Wikipedia stop to support older computers or older web browsers like
> Internet Explorer 6 ?

Older web browsers - maybe, if the cost to maintain becomes too high.
In many cases definite answers are quite difficult, as thresholds
involved are way too dynamic.

I may complain, that my entry level nokia web browser cannot handle
that large simple HTMLs either and ask community to reduce page sizes
- but it is probably beyond the threshold you'd see as sane.

> Forcing people like me to get rid of their older computer and spend money
> to buy a new one, with a larger screen, and better web browsers.

Well, there're no incentives for keeping old cars, as they emit more
CO2, are noisier, etc. Old computers are similar - less energy
efficiency, stall the progress, bla bla. If it creates more work, at
some point in time a threshold is crossed when supporting it (at least
in default configuration) does not make too much sense.

> Is that bug worth spending time on it ? Are users like me (how many
> are they? one or two? less than 100? less than 1000? less than 10000?
> more? ) worth paying attention ?

Maybe, maybe not. We would probably need better figures :)

> The meaning of "usability" in the Wiki-m/p-edia vocabulary generally
> means moving forward with smart new software implying less support and
> less usability for older computers doesn't it ?

Does it?

> Wikipedia has... what ?

Wikipedia has Nostalgia skin!!! :-)


or "modern":


or "chick":


or actually, "monobook":



Do we need more prominent placement for these more efficient skins?


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