[Foundation-l] Did you say "usability" ?

Brandon Harris bharris at wikimedia.org
Tue Jun 15 07:40:39 UTC 2010

On 6/15/10 12:17 AM, Teofilo wrote:

> I finally found out how to log out, and I sometimes use different web
> browsers, but it is difficult to say this is a nice experience.


	As I'm certain you know, the testing of all browser/operating 
system/resolution/language combinations is a difficult undertaking.  The 
behavior you are experiencing is not intentional.  You've found a bug! 

	I am interested in getting some more accurate information about your 
system so that we can try to fix this issue.  Based on the screen shot, 
it appears to me that you are running a variant of Windows 2000 
(possibly XP with the "classic" theme), with either Internet Explorer 
5.5 or an early version of 6.0.

	Could you provide me with the exact operating system and browser 
versions you are using? If you go to the browser and select "Help->About 
Internet Explorer", it will tell you what the exact version and 
operating system you are running (the "User Agent" string).

	Is your browser running in full screen mode? (This would mean that you 
are running in 800x600 pixel resolution.) If not, did the issue appear 
when you decreased the size of the browser window to 800 pixels in 
width?  Does this behavior only occur for you on the Spanish Wikipedia 
or does it also happen on other sites as well?

	We can take the further process of solving this issue off line and out 
of list, but I wanted everyone to know the kinds of information that may 
be useful to us in the future.

	I'm located in San Francisco, California, and am about to go to sleep, 
so I won't be able to respond for another 8 hours so.

	Looking forward to hearing from you.


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