[Foundation-l] Announcement - Public Policy Initiative Team joins WMF

LiAnna Davis ldavis at wikimedia.org
Fri Jun 11 00:38:24 UTC 2010

> Why is the team chosen to target specifically the US? I am not sure I am
> comfortable with this choice.
> Cheers
> Yaroslav
Hi Yaroslav,

James and Keegan's responses to your question are good (thanks!), and 
here's a bit more context.

Yes, we do have a funder that wants to help improve the quality of 
Wikipedia articles in a particular subject area--US public policy. 
However, we saw this as an opportunity to experiment with a focused 
pilot project that will help us develop technical resources, community 
roles and processes, and an overall model that could be used by the 
Wikimedia chapters and other organizations to enhance using Wikipedia as 
a teaching tool. Whether in the US or globally, the model would serve as 
a possible method to systematically improve articles by encouraging and 
enabling students and academics to contribute to Wikipedia.

Since we have never done anything like this, we will use this 
experimental project to test, document, and develop an infrastructure of 
base materials and tools (e.g., Bookshelf training materials, Campus and 
Online Ambassador training, tools for a mentoring system, tools for 
article assessment tools). The pilot project will also help to establish 
a set of best practices that will be available for use by community 
chapters for other topic areas, languages, and countries.

Our ongoing work is open for community input on the Outreach Wiki. At 
the moment, the best opportunity to collaborate is in the area of using 
Wikipedia in higher education. That's where we are collecting 
information on what has worked well in the past and distilling it into a 
set of best practices for use by professors we reach out to. We will 
also be looking to the volunteer community for collaboration and 
leadership in various capacities as we get ramped up; please watch the 
announcements list for future updates.


      Public Policy Initiative press release:


      Public Policy Initiative home on Outreach Wiki (includes links to
      more detailed project plan, and project FAQ):


      Using Wikipedia in higher education page:

On a related note, thanks for all of the warm welcomes, everyone! I know 
Annie, Sage, Amy, and I are all very excited to be here and be part of 
this initiative.

LiAnna Davis
Communications Associate - Public Policy
Wikimedia Foundation

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