[Foundation-l] Interlanguage extension

John Vandenberg jayvdb at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 22:26:38 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 7:43 PM, Amir E. Aharoni
<amir.aharoni at mail.huji.ac.il> wrote:
> ...
> A simpler solution was proposed and implemented by Nikola Smolenski
> about two years ago (see the links at the end). It still haven't been
> enabled in the live WMF projects because of technical issues, which
> seemed to me rather minor (although i might be wrong).
> Links for reference:
> * http://strategy.wikimedia.org/wiki/Proposal:A_central_wiki_for_interlanguage_links

I'm thinking out loud that this could be implemented as part of a
wikidata project.


As I am reading up on the strategy wiki, I am seeing several
wikidata-like proposals.


more on


I think we need to merge these into one project concept, and then hold
an RFC on meta.

John Vandenberg

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