[Foundation-l] hiding interlanguage links by default is a Bad Idea, part 2

Mariano Cecowski marianocecowski at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Jun 7 06:34:27 UTC 2010

--- El dom 6-jun-10, Michael Snow <wikipedia at verizon.net> escribió:
> > I always think I don't have the page in my watchlist!!!
> >
> > Now, that's a reason to complain (Lynch the usability team!)
> >    
> I trust that at least the last part of this was meant as a
> joke, but I  think it's worth a comment anyway. 

Michael, that was really off-topic, unnecessary, and a complete waste of bytes. 

When you write something sarcastically, the social connotations have zero relevance. I was ridiculing the excess of violence in the thread, that leads to nothing constructive. 
But then, perhaps the level of aggressiveness has reached a point where obvious sarcasm is taken literally?


PS: And to be fair; taking the lynching thing as a sensitive issue in USA is badly US centric; the term is used worldwide and in hundreds of languages, and has no necessary connection with black people.


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