[Foundation-l] hiding interlanguage links by default is a Bad Idea, part 2

Pedro Sanchez pdsanchez at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 22:35:34 UTC 2010

On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 12:22 PM, MZMcBride <z at mzmcbride.com> wrote:
> (...)
> The default should be flipped. There is near-universal agreement on this
> point at this point, including from Erik Moeller. I expect this will happen
> on Monday.
> And, for those curious, the article with 243 interlanguage links is "True
> Jesus Church".
> MZMcBride
> [1] http://toolserver.org/~mzmcbride/count-langlinks.txt

Well, on eswiki we  have since today "expanded by default" after some
talk on our village pump, via MediaWiki:Vector.js

Once again, if the powers-that-be don't help communities to implement
their consensus, communities will find a workaround (we've seen this
over and over in the WM world).

This I believe will be the route taken by most large wikis in the long
run should default not be changed. This is kind of sad since if that
happens then the only wikis that will have collapsed by default will
be those who benefit the most with interwikis... the smaller ones.

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