[Foundation-l] hiding interlanguage links by default is a Bad Idea, part 2

Roan Kattouw roan.kattouw at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 20:23:32 UTC 2010

Chad <innocentkiller at ...> writes:
> I'd like to touch on this one particular point. The community HAS spoken
> and clearly wants it back the way it was. A volunteer even did so [0] but
> was reverted [1] with the message that UI changes to Vector are off-limits
> without some sort of prior discussion and approval.
> This sits with me _very_ badly. I don't disagree (in principle) that changes to
> our user experience should be discussed and not implemented via fiat. But
> when you've got overwhelming consensus that this is the right course of
> action, reverting the change and declaring it off-limits to our committers
> is just wrong. Our volunteer developers do a pretty good job of judging and
> implementing community consensus, and saying that some things aren't
> negotiable sets a bad precedence.
I completely agree with this. Although the people that made and executed this
decision are my friends and coworkers, I increasingly feel the need to call them
out on this particular action. We, the usability team, exist to improve the
appearance and usability of the site, not to own or monopolize these topics.
This revert, particularly the tone (and, to a lesser degree, the substance) of
the revert summary, sends the message that we do in fact claim that monopoly;
that any decision about usability goes through us; that "our" code is a sacred
work that may only be touched with prior approval of a staff member, and that
any mortal who dares violate these sacred commandments will experience the Wrath
of the Immediate Revert.

There is no doubt in my mind that all members of the usability team, as well as
other people involved with our work, will reject these notions instantly upon
reading them. I am convinced that every single one of them has the genuine
desire to work with the community in mutual respect rather than to impose their
views upon them. However, they have failed to be cooperative, having appeared
rather authoritarian in both their actions and their (mostly unconscious)
messaging. I am certain this was not their intention, but that doesn't mean it
wasn't inappropriate.

About the issue at hand: there seems to be an overwhelming consensus that the
collapsing of the language links should be reverted, be it permanently or in
anticipation of a different solution. The Foundation has been neglecting to do
this for too long now. Unless someone stops me, I will reinstate Plationdes'
revert and deploy it to the live site tomorrow morning (PDT).

Roan Kattouw (Catrope)

P.S.: Except for the last sentence, this post expresses my opinions as a
community member, not as a contractor for the Foundation.


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