[Foundation-l] Communication

James Heilman jmh649 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 14:01:50 UTC 2010

I think most of us contribute as we feel that this is our encyclopedia.
This is especially true for those not being paid but I am sure it also
applies to those on staff as well.  An us versus them mentality does not add
anything.  We are all here for one main purpose " to write the best
encyclopedia we can ".  I do not like the idea of patting ourselves on the
back just because we are doing a great job compared to a standard
corporation / business.  Wikipedia is not a standard business and that is
why it works.  That software cannot be written using the same open format as
Wikipedia has been proved false by both Linux and Firefox.  I think Bold,
Revert, Discuss can be used at all levels and that stifling discussion is
never appropriate.  I do agree that sometimes one needs to implemented the
change to create something to discuss ( see the first word of the three
above ).

James Heilman

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