[Foundation-l] hiding interlanguage links by default is a Bad Idea, part 2

Chris Lee theornamentalist at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 19:27:16 UTC 2010

Wow, we get it. *No one* likes the hidden interwiki language link. Bottom
line, the only people who may be "annoyed"(though I doubt really any are,
and this was rather a decision to simply neaten the overall look of the en
site) by the long list of languages are the regular users! Those people who
can afford to hide it because they are familiar with WP in general. When I
first started using WP, it was one of the LAST things I noticed about the
surrounding links/tools; imagine if it were hidden.... Enough about supposed
numbers and statistics, it just needs to be fixed.

SOLUTION (as said by many before me)
default: show interwiki language
one click (if so desired by user/ip address): hidden


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