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Canadians are good for Wikimedia because we have a, uh, healthy sensitivity to American cultural dominance. When Barry and I were kids, our prime minister famously characterized Canada as a mouse in bed with an elephant -- no matter how friendly the elephant is, you're affected by every twitch and grunt ;-)

I'm in Canada right now, speaking with librarians :-)

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More Canadians to the staff?! I tought we already talk about that!!!

Good luck :)

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> Hi folks,
> Forwarding from the announce list, since it does not yet auto-forward :-)
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> Sue
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> Subject: Announcing new Chief Global Development Officer and new Chief
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> Hi folks,
> I am really happy to announce two important new Wikimedia Foundation
> hires.  Zack Exley will be Wikimedia's new Chief Community Officer,
> and Barry Newstead will be our Chief Global Development Officer.  Both
> will start just before Wikimania, and will join us in Gdansk.
> There will be a press release going out tomorrow, but the news isn't
> confidential: please feel free to tell whoever you like.
> Zack Exley will be our new Chief Community Officer.  Zack joins
> Wikimedia from the Chicago-based firm Thoughtworks where he oversaw
> strategy and technology projects for organizations like Obama For
> America, Rock the Vote, and Global Zero.
> Zack has a long history of mobilizing people and facilitating them
> reaching their goals.  During the nineties, he worked as a labour
> organizer and software developer.  In 2002, he joined MoveOn.org as
> director of organizing, where he ran mobilization and fundraising
> campaigns – and in the same period, helped the Howard Dean campaign
> with its online fundraising.  Zack left MoveOn.org to become online
> communications and organizing director for the 2004 Kerry-Edwards U.S.
> presidential campaign, where he ran the team that raised $125 million
> online for Kerry, and also oversaw online-to-offline organizing
> efforts responsible for mobilizing hundreds of thousands of field
> volunteers.  In 2005, he led internet strategy and online fundraising
> for the UK Labour Party's 2005 election campaign, and since 2005 he
> has acted as a senior strategist and advisor helping many
> mission-driven organizations advance their fundraising and
> mobilization goals, including the American Civil Liberties Union,
> Amnesty International, the National Association for the Advancement of
> Colored People (NAACP), the International Rescue Committee and
> Greenpeace USA.
> Zack grew up in Connecticut and has also lived in Kenya, China and the
> United Kingdom. He has an BA in Economics from the University of
> Massachusetts.
> As Chief Community Officer, Zack will be responsible for developing
> the Wikimedia Found

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