[Foundation-l] Fwd: Announcing new Chief Global Development Officer and new Chief Community Officer

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Thu Jun 3 02:40:55 UTC 2010

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On 37-01--10 03:59 PM, Sue Gardner wrote:
> I am really happy to announce two important new Wikimedia Foundation
> hires.  Zack Exley will be Wikimedia's new Chief Community Officer,
> and Barry Newstead will be our Chief Global Development Officer.

Congrats to the Foundation, and to Zack and Barry! By the quality of
recent hires, it looks like you're giving m|Oppenheim a workout :D

> During the hiring process, Zack pointed out to me that the CDO job as
> then-structured didn't support that vision.  He argued that by siloing
> off donors into a separate department, we were making it more
> difficult to achieve the level of authenticity I wanted.  That was an
> important observation, and I took it seriously.

That's very interesting to hear. Given how strange a universe the
Wikimedia universe is, and how strange a non-profit the WMF it, I've
often wondered how likely it is that new hires would have any depth of
understanding of us or how we operate. Agree or not (I'm undecided) I
think this shows a level of insight that should be exciting to harness.

- -Mike
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