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Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 23:51:15 UTC 2010

The question is not so much what you believe but very much the reputation Mr
Godwin has. In my appreciation he has an excellent reputation based on the
many relevant jobs that he has had in the past. There are not many people
who are associated with a "law" that is named after them.

When you consider the relevance of the Wikimedia Foundation and its
projects, the number of jurisdictions that are associated with Wikipedias
because of a language that is associated with that country it is really
amazing that there are so few lawyers working for the Wikimedia Foundation.

Mr Godwin is the lawyer for the Wikimedia Foundation, he is not your lawyer,
he is not the lawyer of the project where you feel at home. His job is to
ensure the legal prudence of the WMF and keep its projects safe. When you
feel that certain decisions of the WMF are wrong, your best line of action
is to go to a lawyer that practices law in the relevant jurisdiction explain
your case and have him talk to Mr Godwin. Indeed at your cost, he is after
all your lawyer.

Finally as it seems to be necessary to understand Latin in order to read
your rant, I want to use that language with "Cave canum". What I know of
that language is thanks to those fine Gauls immortalised by Underzo and
Goscinny. Brassica is translated in apekool in my language but I am not sure
that translates well.

On 3 June 2010 01:13, Klaus Graf <klausgraf at googlemail.com> wrote:

> For me there is no reason to believe that Mr. Godwin is a good lawyer.
> If he receives a formal (blah-blah) correct take-down-notice he will
> It was clearly un-lawful to take down the TU Munich logo which isn't
> protectable according German copyright law but WMF has done so.
> It is a shame that WMF hasn't a policy of TRANSPARENCY regarding
> office actions. The right of the community to get all information
> cannot be overruled by Mr. Godwin's personal opinions about secret
> things.
> If WMF or it's god-like counsel (who wasn't able to accept critics
> since I am reading this list) has taken office action - there is no
> way to appeal. Roma locuta causa finita ...
> Klaus Graf
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