[Foundation-l] Strategic Planning Office Hours

Keegan Peterzell keegan.wiki at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 23:57:29 UTC 2010

There hasn't been an agenda because there haven't been meetings, geni.
There haven't been meetings because after five months of biweekly meetings
that process ran its course of what we needed for discourse.  I've
communicated with you many times, geni over several mediums.  I'm
facilitating that task force, so please address me with concerns as well.

On Jun 1, 2010 6:20 PM, "geni" <geniice at gmail.com> wrote:

On 1 June 2010 23:39, Eugene Eric Kim <eekim at blueoxen.com> wrote: > pain.
Hey how hard can it be to ...
Removing the ability to raise problems with a suggestion is a great
way to render discourse pointless. It in effect makes a virtue of
[[en:not even wrong]].

> The decision to kick geniice off the channel was mine. You can read > the
log to see how the dis...
You have demonstrated a preparedness to shut down lines of debate you
don't like. This being the case there is no rational reason why I
would chose to raise issues with your actions in places where you were
able to continue to take such actions.


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