[Foundation-l] Jay Walsh's statement

Adam Cuerden cuerden at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 06:25:19 UTC 2010


With respect, the work on the Sexual Content proposal as pretty much
thrown out all of Jimbo's work, and is proceeding from a direction
more consistent with the values of Commons. To say that " Jimmy is
actively engaged in discussions with other Wikimedia editors about
sexually-explicit materials on Wikimedia Commons." is highly
misleading: He has not been involved with this process since the
attempted purge.


"and although the discussions over the past week have been unusually
intense, we don’t consider them problematic. Discussion is how
Wikimedians work through policy development and policy interpretation:
active argument and debate are normal for us — they are how we do our
work. The Wikimedia Foundation is grateful for Jimmy’s involvement,
and we’re glad he continues to be an important part of the Wikimedia

Actually, Jimbo was highly disruptive, edit-warred to force artworks to
be included in the list of material to delete, threatened people, and
no progress was or could be made until he left it to us volunteers.


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