[Foundation-l] Big problem to solve: good WYSIWYG on WMF wikis

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Wed Dec 29 09:18:01 UTC 2010

z at mzmcbride.com wrote:
> David Gerard wrote:
> > Our current markup is one of our biggest barriers to participation.
> > 
> > [snip]
> >  
> > * Tim doesn't scale. Most of our other technical people don't scale.
> > *We have no resources and still run on almost nothing*.
> > 
> > ($14m might sound like enough money to run a popular website, but for
> > comparison, I work as a sysadmin at a tiny, tiny publishing company
> > with more money and staff just in our department than that to do
> > *almost nothing* compared to what WMF achieves. WMF is an INCREDIBLY
> > efficient organisation.)

In comparison $14m does seem highly profligate. Our R&D budget was £10m (approx $16) in 2009, spent almost entirely on software development, and we have over 160 software engineers working on our products. Remind me just how many full time developers does WMF have?

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