[Foundation-l] Banners coming down for most logged in users

Philippe Beaudette pbeaudette at wikimedia.org
Mon Dec 20 20:26:15 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

A quick announcement: we are temporarily turning off the fundraising banners for most logged in users.  This will continue most likely through the end of the year.  We did some quick checking and realized that most people who are logged in and intend to give have already given.  The banners will stay off for a while, and we'll most likely not turn them on until after the first of the year for a final wrap-up push.

For those of you in chapter areas, as always, the chapters control messaging in their territories - this should only impact users who are in the areas where the fundraiser messaging is controlled by the Foundation.

Enjoy the respite :)


Philippe Beaudette
Head of Reader Relations
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

pbeaudette at wikimedia.org

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