[Foundation-l] Accuracy required

Virgilio A. P. Machado vam at fct.unl.pt
Thu Dec 9 19:37:56 UTC 2010

1) No real names will be disclosed on this list on account of the request made.

2) No action is asked or expected.

These two personal commitments are important before answering an 
absolutely legitimate request for clarification: "why [is] this issue 
of such [...] importance to the thread-creator."

It is very important for this user. Most are now familiar with the 
use of his real name by the pt.wiki arbcom.



That never bothered the user or the foregone decision to filter his 
edits for infinity, a period that far exceeds his expected natural 
life. The 53 irregularities that overshadowed the case bothered him a 
great deal more.

What is not so well known is that four months later, while quietly 
working on a new subpage, after listing the real names of two users, 
this was used against him and eventually led to him being blocked or 
banned (depending on the page you look at) for infinity, by the same 
administrator, bureaucrat, checkuser, and arbcom member (hopefully no 
title was left out) that led the arbcom in the case using his real name.

It is very important for the pt.wiki.

The governance of the pt.wiki is in such disrepair that this user 
felt compelled to gather as much information as possible on a Meta 
page. Soon, that work was under attack by the same user mentioned 
above and one of his accomplices, and his now on hold as a user subpage:



This modest work was started in May 4, 2010, well before the 
following reports on Meta:

October 2010 - 

November 2010 -



It is very important to the communities at large.

Unaware of the existence of this essay 
(http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Kylu/Essay and 
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Kylu/Essay), this user 
opened a request for comment on Meta on "What is public and 
non-public personal information?" 
which brought to the fore some of fears, tabus and misconceptions 
that are quite widespread on Wikimedia projects.

It is hoped that the above explanations fully justify the statement 
that the user was interested in the information requested "For 
reasons of the utmost importance, not only to this user but to the 
communities at large." as it would provide more evidence of real 
names being used, without leading to the blocking or banning of the 
arbcoms that used them in the TITLE of a case.

Due to the sensitivity of the matter, this user wishes to withdraw 
his request, and apologizes for any anxiety he might have caused in 
some members of this list.  What happened to him is evidence enough. 
If there are no further questions concerning this request, it will 
now be considered closed. For inquires, opinions, and/or debate about 
other matters mentioned above, both this user and the listed talk 
pages are available to all.


Virgilio A. P. Machado (Vapmachado)
"Co-author" of "A civilized community"

At 01:17 09-12-2010, you wrote:
>On the English Wikipedia, we generally try to avoid bringing editors' real
>names into decisions, unless the username is the real name.  In the three
>years I've been an arbitrator, we have extended this courtesy even to some
>highly troublesome users.  (Aficionadoes of the En-WP arbitration pages will
>recognize the "Mantanmoreland" and "MZMcBride 2" cases as examples.)
>I am not clear, however, on why this issue of such such importance to the

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