[Foundation-l] excluding Wikipedia clones from searching

Fred Bauder fredbaud at fairpoint.net
Wed Dec 8 13:42:13 UTC 2010

If the copyright license has been followed -wikipedia should exclude all
clones. However, often, material is copied without crediting it to


User:Fred Bauder

> The "Google test" used to be a tool for checking the notability of a
> subject
> or to find sources about it. For some languages it may be also used for
> other purposes - for example in Hebrew, the spelling of which is not
> established so well, it is very frequently used for finding the most
> common
> spelling, especially for article titles. It was never the ultimate tool,
> of
> course, but it was useful. With the proliferation of sites that
> indiscriminately copy Wikipedia content it is becoming less and less
> useful.
> For some time i used to fight this problem by adding
> "-site:wikipedia.org-site:
> wapedia.mobi -site:miniwiki.org" etc. to my search queries, but i hit a
> wall: Google limits the search string to 32 words, and today there are
> many
> more than 32 sites that clone Wikipedia, so this trick is also becoming
> useless.
> I know that some Wikipedias customized Special:Search, adding other
> search
> engines except Wikipedias built-in one. I tried to see whether any
> Wikipedia
> added an ability to search using Google (or Bing, or Yahoo, or any other
> search engine) excluding Wikipedia clones. Does anyone know whether it's
> possible to build such a thing? And maybe it already exists and i didn't
> search well enough?
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