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Erik Moeller erik at wikimedia.org
Sun Dec 5 10:04:18 UTC 2010

2010/12/4 Pedro Sanchez <pdsanchez at gmail.com>:
> When you budget 2 million for internet hosting, and 9 million for
> salaries and benefits, it's bound to raise some eyebrows, I think.

This does not include the $3.2M of planned capital expenditures
(mostly servers and other equipment), which is a large cost increase
relative to last year primarily due to a new primary data-center
build-out so we don't risk going down for weeks if there's a major
issue in our Tampa facility (and so we can designate Tampa to be a
secondary, since its quality of service is insufficient to keep it as
the primary). It also does not include operations engineering
staffing, which is one of the largest staffing increases, so we
actually have people to take care of ordering, deploying and
maintaining servers and equipment, regular production of backups,
dumps, etc.

There's a lot of non-hosting related salaries (the single largest of
which is other engineering work, such as code review, feature
development and QA), but you're misinterpreting the hosting numbers
(we should make this a bit clearer in the way we label and display the
numbers). Although WMF is not a technology organization (it develops
important community programs as well), the share of technology
spending has increased in the 2010-11 budget from 38% to 48%.

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