[Foundation-l] Shopping-enabled Wikipedia pages

Domas Mituzas midom.lists at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 00:08:02 UTC 2010


> But, should we care at all if Amazon hosts 1:1 content mirror and
> gives to us some money?


It is probably first time our content is dumped into internet by internet property that has high(er?) search engine rankings, so users may be sent to different experience than one we try to create. 

Starting with technology issues - they don't have cache cluster in Europe, so it may be slower (though they did some CSS/JS optimization work, or rather didn't have to introduce all the dynamism that we do have). 

Also, there is no edit button, no article history, content is stale, no discussion and no fundraising banner.
There are no links to other languages, there is no search, there is no "main page" leading to sister projects, there are no editorial notices in articles (okok, that may be a bonus ;-), there are no pointers to Wikimedia Commons, no categories.

So, even though "oh yay money is good", that money is controversial, as it means our users are robbed of best experience we can provide. 
I'd be much happier if they actually improved or innovated on things and gave no money rather than give us money for whatever they're doing here. 

Oh well, unless it is... ONE BILLION DOLLARS, MWAHAHAHA. 


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