[Foundation-l] fundraising proposal #1

daniwo59 at aol.com daniwo59 at aol.com
Sun Jul 11 13:41:41 UTC 2004

Given the increasing costs of hardware in Mav's report, it seems as if we 
have to begin taking drastic measures to keep up to speed withour growth. One 
possibility is that we begin compiling a snail mail list of potential donors, to 
whom we begin sending out solicitations. Donation requests would be small 
($5-$50), but this might provide some income over the coming months. Of course, 
printing and postage would be costly, but this would be an initial investment 
with hoped-for returns. Costs would include printing of a letter, postage, and a 
postage-paid return envelope and form. 

While I am not enthralled with this idea, it does work with other charities. 
What do other people think? 

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