[WikiJA-l] Korean servers to be shuffled: ja, ko, ms, th Wikipedias moving

Brion Vibber brion @ pobox.com
2006年 9月 29日 (金) 00:41:51 UTC

Brion Vibber wrote:
> Just a heads-up; we're planning to move the backend hosting for 
> Japanese, Korean, Malay, and Thai Wikipedias from our Korean server 
> cluster (yaseo) back to the main servers in Florida (pmtpa) later this 
> week.

We'll start at about 18:00 UTC Friday evening (1am Thailand, 2am Malaysia, 3am 
Japan and Korea). It will take a few hours to dump the databases, copy them, and 
re-import them, but if everything goes smoothly we hope to have these wikis back 
to read-write sometime late Saturday morning local time.

There will also be a brief read-only period for most of our other wikis when we 
switch database servers during the import. That should last only a few minutes, 
and will not affect en.wikipedia.org (which is on a different database server). 
It should be some time in late evening or night European time.

-- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com)

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